My Consulting Packages

Business/Life Consulting

Sheree offers multiple coaching/consulting packages for start-up and serial entrepreneurs.

Book Consulting/Ghostwriting

Sheree offers book consulting as well as ghostwriting services on topics she is passionate about.

Art Consulting

Sheree offers art consulting sessions over phone or Skype for anyone needing “artistic instruction/support” as well as “art business/marketing consulting”.

My Companies

Network Building Academy™

Are you ready to build an association, institute, or academy for your tribe? I can show you how to build a six-figure network within 12 months of launch.

Global Artist Academy™

The Global Artist Academy™ exists to encourage artists of all kinds to use their right and left brains in balance. Our free membership is open to emerging and professional artists such as painters, writers, photographers, sketchers, journalers, scrapbookers, sculptors, videographers, and all other creative souls. It is our belief that a daily creative practice helps you integrate your body, your mind, and your soul.

My Books

How To Live a Perfectly Flawed Life

Learn to Love Yourself and Live Life Creatively

Daily Devotional/Kick In the Pants!

Pre-Order at 50% off for a limited time! USA Orders only. There is a $2 s/h fee. Books start shipping out on January 1st.

Smart Women Know Their WHY

Amazon #1 Best Seller

The Guide for Discovering Your Life Purpose While Owning a Business So You Can Create Positive Change In the World and... Make Big Profits!

Smart Women Create Membership-Based Businesses

Our Most Popular Book Since 2008!

Everything you need to know for a plug and play membership site that will help thousands, fulfill your own life purpose and create a rich platform for online recognition.

The Smart Women's Book Of Powerful Quotations

Great Reference Tool for Writers & Speakers

A collection of quotes that illustrate Sixteen Paths Women Find, Explore, and Own Their Power

My Blog

Quantum Leap Two Month Coaching Program

Quantum Leap Two Month Network Building Academy Coaching Program (June & July)   Hello Beautiful Soul, I am getting a lot of requests for coaching so I came up with this 2 month program to help those of you that said you could not afford my 6 and 12 month programs. Remember, this is my last year to coach one-on-one for Network Building Academy. Starting in 2017, you will still be able to purchase the full NBA 30 Video Program (Sixteen Years of Knowledge–My Brain on Video!) and ask a question by email once a month too for a little extra support. So if you want to take advantage of Network Building Academy LIVE ONE-ON-ONE Coaching before I go into one-on-one business-coaching-retirement... this is the program for you! 2 Month Summer Quantum Leap Coaching Program (June & July) You Receive: – FOUR One-on-One Coaching Calls with Me (2 per month-45 minutes each) – Full Access to the Network Building Academy 30 Video Program & Huge Video Workbook too! (Click ...

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New Announcement – LIVING ARTFULLY documentary movie!

Hello Beautiful Soul, How is your week? You may have seen my notice on Facebook that a big announcement was coming. Here it is! I have decided to do a LIVING ARTFULLY documentary movie with my Living Artfully book! I am really excited about this project for personal reasons and because it is such an amazing way to showcase artists in the visual online world that we live in today. All the details are at the links below.  Learn more about the opportunity for artists and all creatives to appear in my next book, Living Artfully–How Conscious Creatives Are Changing The World WIth Their Art. I made this opportunity more affordable than some of my previous co-author books because I really want everyone to have a chance to showcase their creations in this book for years to come!  I also can’t wait to interview you for the book & documentary and get to know you and your art!  Click here or on the graphic below for all the details.     Creatively Yours, Sheree Keys – CEO, A ...

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The Journey Is The Best Part

                                                          Hello Beautiful Soul, This graphic above that Facebook generated earlier this week from my profile pics over the years reminded me what’s important. The Journey. The goals are important too, don’t get me wrong. But it is WHO YOU BECOME as you reach for your goals that matters. Some of these pictures go back almost a decade and honestly, I was a completely different person back then. The point is, the journeys, the moments of each day is where we really make the difference in other people’s lives. Remember, to be in this moment right now. Those small acts of kindness you are doing each day are adding up and I promise you are actually changing the world. Deadline Reminders This Week Network Building Academy – Big Sale On Our Video Program Until April 30th, you can take $1000 off my entire program. This 30 video program is full of the same step-by-step information that I taught all the 6 and 7 figure busines ...

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