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What If You Let Passion Rule Your Life

What If You Let Passion Rule Your Life Dear Beautiful Soul, I recently read this quote by Elizabeth Taylor… “I’ve always admitted that I’m ruled by my passions.” And of course it got me thinking about why we as a society are so afraid to be ruled by our passions. In Intuition 365, I teach about the “wise brain” and how true geniuses have learned to unblock themselves and let their passion run full force while still being able to operate from the left-brain too. This is really the opposite of how we are raised and our society definitely doesn’t support us or reward us when we let go and explore our passions for the most part. I would even say that we are made to feel weak if we let anything rule us. We are to be responsible, in control, focused and so much more. I will be exploring this and so much more on next week’s FREE teleseminar on Intuition 365 and Intuition Coach Certification, don’t forget to sign up here. With love, S...

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Intuition Free Call Audio and Save Almost $500 on Intuition Coach Certification Ends on Sunday

Intuition Free Call Audio and Save Almost $500 on Intuition Coach Certification Ends on Sunday *** Thank you for registering for this free teleseminar. Listen to your audio ASAP below. “How to Make Money as an iCoach or Intuition Coach”  On this free teleseminar, you will learn: The Power of Intuition What a Intuition Coach Is What the Intuition 365 Program is And More Important Details on the Intuition Coaching Certification! Show you multiple mini-biz models on how to make money teaching the Intuition 365 Program All the formats you can teach the Intuition 365 Program All the venues you can teach the Intuition 365 Program How to Partner with other companies and offer the Intuition 365 Program How to Market the Intuition 365 Program Online & Offline Plus More!   LISTEN NOW-CLICK BELOW  Oct Intuition Call.mp3 **** Become an Intuition Coach Now Until SUNDAY, you can save $249.25! Just subtract one full payment on your application! Become a Certified Intuition Coach     N...

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Network Building Free Call and Save $500 Deadline

Want to Create A Tribe of Your Own? LISTEN NOW: October Network Call.mp3 “How to Turn Your Service-Based Business Into An Assn, Institute, or Academy”  On this call, you will learn: 3 Ways To Make Six Figures In 12 Months With The Network Model (Have Pen & Paper Ready!) Why the Association/Institute/Academy Model Is More Powerful Than Any Continuity Program The Single Most Important “Strategy” You Must Understand or You Will Not Be Successful  5 Ways This Model Allows You To Maintain Your Freedom Why 2014 is the Best Year to Build Your Very Own “Tribe” (Association)  Sheree’s Easy Formula for Choosing the Perfect Network Name So that the Search Engines Love You and Your Future Members Get It Plus much more!   Ready to enroll in our Self-Paced Video/Workbook Program or our Coaching Program that includes all the videos and workbooks? If so, visit the pages above and when you check out use this code (SAVE500) to SAVE $500 off both programs until this SUNDAY....

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