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Who Is the Artist?

Dear Beautiful Soul, How are you? I am so much better this week. The migraines I had for over a month have started to go away. I am having a few here and there. Barely once a day now. If you suffer from them, I am taking these Tumeric tincture drops and they are really helpful.   What does it mean to YOU to “live a perfectly flawed life”? By sending your response to this question to your powerful words may appear in my next book coming out in Sept. 2014. If they do, you will get free copy. Make sure you include your snail mail along with your name. Feel free to send your favorite quotes too. Urgent Reminder for You We are officially enrolling INTUITION COACHES at the Intuition Institute now and applications are at  Special pricing of just $500 for the LAST 50 applicants is still available but not for much longer. Payment plans are available too so no worries if you want to space out the payments. If you...

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Be part of our family… become an Intuition Coach

Experience the joy and the journey of integrating your intuition into every part of your life, AND teaching others how to do it too as an INTUITION COACHTM     Become a Certified Intuition Coach Not familiar with the Intuition 365 Program?  Click HERE to Review the Full Curriculum that We Will Certify You to Teach!  Did you know? When I started the Intutition InstituteTM, my vision was to easily support a large family of coaches to support people all over the world in one simple task. To use their intuition more on a daily basis. After fourteen years at the helm of multiple businesses, I have learned that the best way to success is ALWAYS to choose the simplest, purest way you can be of service to others.   Here is how the Intuition InstituteTM accomplished an amazing business roll out in less than a year. By the way, this is my business-on-napkin plan, these are the best kinds of businesses if you haven’t heard. If you can’t fit your plan on a napkin, then it is too compli...

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Advice from a Tree & Intuition Coach Certification

Dear Beautiful Soul, How are you? I am finishing up the last few weeks of summer with my kiddos. I will be honest, this summer hasn’t been one of the easiest ones at all. The 18 year old totaled her car a month ago and then went to live with her dad about a week ago… and I have had migraines for the 1st time in my life multiples times a day for about a month now from the stress of all of it. :(  What am I learning in the process of continually letting go of what I can’t contrrol? To take advice from a tree. Just like this week’s inspirational graphic says below… I am remembering to take care myself during a time that it would be very easy to put myself last. I hope this advice helps you too. And I hope your summer has gone much better than mine!  In the big scheme of things, everyone is healthy so that is what truly matters. Gotta love how gratitude is always there in a pinch to put things into perspective for you.    Intuition 365 Coach Certification Enro...

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