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Create a Miracle

Dear Beautiful Soul, How are you? This week, I want to talk about miracles. A miracle is a highly improbable or extraordinary event, development, or accomplishment that brings very welcome consequences. Did you know that you can be your very own miracle creator? I believe we don’t have to wait for miracles to happen to us and for us… in this perfectly flawed world, we can actually create them. Here is how: You work on showing up authentic each day and without judgement of yourself and others. I know that this seems impossible and actually it really is. But just your intention of living this way invites the “divine” right in. And this is when miracles will begin to happen all around you. Miracles will happen for the people you love and for you as well.  Just like it says in the creative inspiration graphic below… you can cause a ripple of miracles by “who you are being” each day. Creative Inspiration for the Week   Supporting You-One Transf...

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The New 2014-2015 Network Building Academy Coaching Program Is Open

      Are you ready to build an association, institute, or academy for your tribe? I can show you how to build a six-figure network within 12 months of launch.   All you have to do is choose which door to walk through…                 Self-Paced Program                Coaching Program*                               *Only 10 Spots Available    ...

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The Force and Grace of a Goddess

Dear Beautiful Soul, It has been a long and productive week working on the next book and a brand new 15 Month Coaching Program I mapped out last week for 10 people who want to build a network (association, institute, or academy). There is a lot of new cool benefits in this program since it has a 3 month build period and then a 12 month launch and grow period with the goal of helping the client hit six figures by the end of 2015 with their network. If you want to get on the waiting list for the opening of this program very soon since we are only accepting 10 people in the program, email ASAP. On the personal side of life… I have had some challenges with my ex. Maybe you have one of those too? If you do, be thankful for those challenges too. Because for me, when I get pissed enough, I often “wake up” and deal with issues that I let happen to me in the first place. Classic case of being bullied so long you don’t even realize it is happening half...

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