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How To Manifest A HAs

Dear Beautiful Soul, Want to learn how to manifest more A HAs? Would you like to live life with such clarity that each day you receive A HAs, divine direction, and downloads through your body by using all your senses and brains. Yes, I said brain(s). You body actually has three brains…  Join me next week on a brand new free teleseminar where I will teach you more about all of this above and tell you about a brand new opportunity you can add to your present coaching business or make this a business of its own. I will be sharing how you can become an Intuition Coach and become liscensed to teach Intuition 365 forever for a one-time $500 certification fee. We are opening our brand new certification program up to 50 people at this low price for Fall enrollment.    If you would like more information, make sure you sign up for the free teleseminar at: Big hugs! Sheree Keys PS For a limited time, you can still late register for CO-AUTHOR...

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Intuitive Yearnings: Does the Side of Your Mouth Curl Up?

Dear Beautiful Soul, Feeling uneasy or confused this morning. Just not clear? Slow down. Find a quiet space and take ten minutes to think about what you love to do. When the side of your mouth starts to curl up, BINGO, you got it. That is an INTUITIVE YEARNING. Make a note for later… It is a signal from GOD that you should go in that direction with your life when you can. No pressure, just make a plan to take some baby steps. I can help you. All of this (ya know-breathing every day!) is a gift and life unfolds with beautiful timing so stop being so Type A about consequences, it is all perfectly flawed. Trust me, I know. I am a recovering Type A myself. iCoach Certification Enrollment Is Open Did you hear?! We are officially enrolling INTUITION COACHES now! Applications are at Special pricing of just $500 for the 1st 50 applicants. Payment plans available. If you missed the free teleseminar we had with all the details, listen now...

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Last Day to Register for Co-Author Publishing Secrets & 5 Reasons to Publish Co-Author Book

Hello Divine Creators, How are you? I hope you are doing wonderful! Since TODAY IS THE LAST DAY to register for our new course Co-Author Book Publishing Secrets and I know how busy you are… I thought I would share “5 Reasons You Should Think About Publishing A Co-Author Book” because who doesn’t love a list!   Reason One - You Want to Network & Build Life-Long Relationships With Other Professionals One of the best parts of publishing 4 co-author books (over 120 authors!) has been the professional relationships that developed. Make sure you read the bottom of this page to see what I am taking about. Reason Two - You Would Love to Have Other Amazing Souls Out In The World Marketing You and Your Brand When I teach people how to build a network of over 80,000 people online, I always tell them about my little marketing angels-my books!  And co-author books are books on steroids because the marketing power is exponential compared to when I am publishing one of my...

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