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Everything you need to know for a plug and play membership site that will help thousands, fulfill your own life purpose and create a rich platform for online recognition.

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A collection of quotes that illustrate Sixteen Paths Women Find, Explore, and Own Their Power

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The Truth About Quitters & Yes, You May Be One

  Dear Beautiful Soul, This is going to piss 80% of you off:  Quitters, shrinkers, excuse makers, story tellers–> the real truth is that this is 80% of us in life. Only 20% of us will keep at it, expand during the scary moments, never make an excuse (there are NO excuses!), and not create some BS story about why we can’t. Quitters quit because they don’t want it. Period. You may think this sounds harsh. And I am not judging those who quit. I am just calling it what it is. Dreams aren’t just handed to people. Anyone that has reached a dream worked their ass off and had the same reasons to quit a long the journey as you. They just didn’t. They found a way to make it happen every single day. No matter how hard it was. SO if you are one of the 20% who don’t quit and don’t make excuses about your goals, then I invite YOU to take a look at my Network Building Academy Coaching Program because this week one of my clients quit. And yes, she is u...

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Have You Asked Yourself How You Feel and Function Lately

  Dear Beautiful Soul, Have you asked yourself how you feel or how your body functions lately? Have you slowed down long enough to check in for even a moment? Would it help if you had support along your journey? I am happy to announce that earlier this week, I launched my new program Intuitive Reshaping. This program was designed to inform and support you on how to make healthy intuitive choices for your body regarding fuel and energy… using your bodies daily wisdom. The easy-to-use tools in the product include a video, a one-page blueprint, a daily journal, and a private group where we encourage you to post “Healthy Selfies” each day if you want. The program is simple and it works! AND it is only $47 right now until we reach the 1st 100 purchases which should happen sometime this week. So make sure you take a peek at the program soon and grab your copy of the program before the price goes up to $97.               Here are a few studies that were done in the past...

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You Are Not A Mess

Dear Beautiful Soul, To all my American subscribers, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! I moved over the Thanksgiving break to a wonderful house.  I am coming up on three years of being a single mom again and I keep trying on new “living” styles. I loved condo living for how easy it was to take care of and the minimalist benefits of less stuff to deal with and then I love living in a house for its breathing room and the feeling of privacy you don’t get when living in a community setting. I think I am set for a while in this house though. I have the most beautiful trees in the back yard that make me feel like I am in the country (but I am not… Starbucks is three minutes from me!) And all the kiddos are happy to have their own rooms again. Although I will tell you my daughters became really close during the time they shared a room. I have never seen two teenage girls that are related get along so well. I feel blessed. Many of you know that I never vi...

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