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My Companies

Network Building Academy™

Are you ready to build an association, institute, or academy for your tribe? I can show you how to build a six-figure network within 12 months of launch.

Global Artist Academy™

The Global Artist Academy™ exists to encourage artists of all kinds to use their right and left brains in balance. Our free membership is open to emerging and professional artists such as painters, writers, photographers, sketchers, journalers, scrapbookers, sculptors, videographers, and all other creative souls. It is our belief that a daily creative practice helps you integrate your body, your mind, and your soul.


My Books

How To Live a Perfectly Flawed Life

Learn to Love Yourself and Live Life Creatively

Daily Devotional/Kick In the Pants!

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Smart Women Know Their WHY

Amazon #1 Best Seller

The Guide for Discovering Your Life Purpose While Owning a Business So You Can Create Positive Change In the World and... Make Big Profits!

Smart Women Create Membership-Based Businesses

Our Most Popular Book Since 2008!

Everything you need to know for a plug and play membership site that will help thousands, fulfill your own life purpose and create a rich platform for online recognition.

The Smart Women's Book Of Powerful Quotations

Great Reference Tool for Writers & Speakers

A collection of quotes that illustrate Sixteen Paths Women Find, Explore, and Own Their Power

My Blog

 On Facing Fears

Hello Beautiful Soul, Sometimes what you’re most afraid of doing is the very thing that will set you free. In the fifteen years I have been coaching/consulting and holding the space for people to grow into a better version of their current selves, I have noticed one Big Truth. You will expand to meet all challenges when you believe you have to. Knowing this from my own life and from seeing it so much with my clients and fellow entrepreneurs, I always have people put their goals out into the public. I have them create some type of accountability. I have them sell the product or service way before it even exists… I know to many of you, that blows your mind! When my children were all young and I wanted to meet book deadline, I made sure to have accountable deadlines in place where it would either hurt my business or I would lose money if I didn’t meet the self-imposed deadlines. Because getting it done back then was ALWAYS IMPOSSIBLE since I had three children under five ...

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It’s Never Too Late To Be What You Might Have Been

Hello Beautiful Soul, This year I am teaching a monthly program all about manifesting miracles in your life because it is NEVER TOO LATE TO BE WHAT YOU MIGHT HAVE BEEN. Manifesting is the art of creating what you want at the time that you want it.    Many of you are becoming aware that you create your own reality… Each and every object and event in your life has been created by you, whether or not you are conscious of the fact.    Each and every event in your life can be traced back to a belief and emotion that originated the impulse for it to manifest itself into reality as you experience it at present.     We are beings of light that can learn to master our emotions and thoughts and can therefore direct our energies with precision and clarity so that we may create what we want.  Manifesting is an eclectic hodgepodge of CYOR (create your own reality), visualization techniques, positive thinking, goal-setting, self-analysis, selective thinking, and post hoc reasoning, supported b ...

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On Being An Amateur

“That’s all any of us are: amateurs. We don’t live long enough to be anything else.”  –Charlie Chaplin Hello Beautiful Soul, Say this with me: I am an amateur. I show up each day ready to playfully take risks and discover my blissful way to create in the world.  I don’t have to worry about being judged or have any expectations whatsoever.  I trust that what I need to thrive will show up with perfect timing as long as I creatively serve others.  And I promise to get up and be an amateur again tomorrow.  (Excerpted from, How to Live A Perfectly Flawed Life at Creatively Yours, Sheree Keys – CEO, Author, Speaker, Painter ...

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