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Are you ready to build an association, institute, or academy for your tribe? I can show you how to build a six-figure network within 12 months of launch.

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Experience the joy and the journey of integrating your intuition into every part of your life.

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How To Live a Perfectly Flawed Life

Learn to love yourself and live life creatively

I have a question for you. Is your life flawed? Of course it is. Mine is too. And on the flawed scale, in some people’s realities, my life is actually very flawed.

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Smart Women Know Their WHY

Amazon #1 Best Seller - Co-Author & Author

The Guide for Discovering Your Life Purpose While Owning a Business So You Can Create Positive Change In the World and... Make Big Profits!

Smart Women Create Membership-Based Businesses

Co-Author & Author

Everything you need to know for a plug and play membership site that will help thousands, fulfill your own life purpose and create a rich platform for online recognition.

The Smart Women's Book Of Powerful Quotations

Co-Author & Author

A collection of quotes that illustrate Sixteen Paths Women Find, Explore, and Own Their Power

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Dream Your Own Masterpiece 

Dear Beautiful Soul, Hope you had a wonderful week and didn’t eat too much candy if you celebrate Halloween. I am really looking forward to all the fun tonight! This week, we have a few important reminders for you. First: Don’t forget you can bring a friend 100% for FREE this week to the Intuition 365 Program.  All you do is put their name in the “comments section” at checkout. Or you can split the cost of the program behind the scenes on your own and get it 1/2 off. Deadline on this isSunday night. Sign up now: Second: We added a third level at the Network Building Academy that is appropriate for those of you already successful in a current business or still working for the corporate world, etc. Essentially, if you are too busy to do all the work, but you understand the power of building the equity and you want to transition into something successful down the road that is already built and producing six-figures or more...

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Do You Celebrate Everything? You Should!

Do You Celebrate Everything? You Should! Dear Beautiful Soul, Do you celebrate everything? Everything as in the triumphs and the struggles. I am thinking most of you will answer a big fat NO to this question. One of the things I know to be true about the journey to happiness in life and business is that your ability to celebrate it all determines your success. Let me explain a number of ways that celebrating everything is actually smart and a purposeful way to move through life. Without failure we would never discover success Without someone telling you, “You Can’t!”, you might not say “Watch Me!” and then get busy Making It Happen. Without competition we would not have innovation. Without sacrafice, we would not be able to savor rewards Without getting our hearts broken, we would not learn who we truly are Part of my past success has been due to the fact that each day I was grateful to have healthy children, the ability to have the freedom to work from ho...

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“All About That Net (Not Bass)”

NOW, time for some FRIDAY FUN! In an effort to teach my entrepreneurs friends how to manage their money and have a little fun… here is my version of Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass”. “All About That Net*” Because you knowI’m all about that net‘Bout that net, no grossI’m all about that net‘Bout that net, no grossI’m all about that net‘Bout that net, no grossI’m all about that net‘Bout that net Yeah, it’s pretty clear, I ain’t no billionaireBut I can make it, make itLike I’m supposed to do‘Cause I got that boom boom that all the customers chaseAnd all the right products in all the right places I see the Internet workin’ that credit cardWe know that money ain’t freeC’mon now, expenses add upIf you got expenses, expenses, just add ‘em up‘Cause every penny you earn is importantFrom the first to the last Yeah, my accountant she told me don’t fo...

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